Saturday, July 7, 2012

Want to be Inspired?

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend filled with fun and inspiration!  I had a particularly good weekend with my little family.  We spent the day getting stuff done during the day on Saturday and in the evening we went to The Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.

If you've never been there, I highly recommend it!  It's a great place to stroll along the San Antonio River, enjoy the locals as well as the people visiting San Antonio, eat dinner along the river at one of the many fantastic restaurants, and enjoy some live music!  It's so much fun!

There was an Arts and Crafts show so there were lots of vendors with cool and creative items for sale.  I love that kind of thing!  Not just because of all the cool things you can find but because I know that somebody put a lot of time, effort, love, and creativity into their art.  I love that people are creating and sharing things that make them happy!

                                       Us girls at The Riverwalk!

On Sunday we were a little lazy and did a lot of lounging.  This rarely happens so it felt wonderful!  I spent 3 hours watching pure inspiration on the OWN channel.  You're probably thinking it looked like this...

Well... not exactly!  It ended up being more than 3 hours since I paused it often to eat pretend Play Doh pizzas, refill drinks, make meals and snacks, and chase my naked 2 year old around (she's become a nudist recently and we are now officially potty training!)  

Anyway, have you caught Super Soul Sunday on the OWN channel yet? Wow!  That show feeds my soul, inspires me, and fires me up so much that I can hardly even sit down when I watch it!  Which works out well for me, all things considered!  :)

Yesterday (Sunday, July 1st) Oprah had on Bishop T. D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra.  Then she followed it up with an Oprah show from 1993 with Dr. Deepak Chopra and another show from 1994 with Dr. Larry Dossey on The Power of Prayer.  All three shows were AMAZING and if you have them on DVR you're going to want to watch them asap and if you don't, you can watch this episode of Super Soul Sunday online

There are so many things that I loved about all of these shows but for now, I really want to focus on the message that Bishop T.D. Jakes brought to the Lifeclass crowd in Toronto.  (Yes, it's the one that @Erica Diamond  from Women on The Fence was on!)  

First of all, I think he's an awesome speaker!  He gets the crowd involved and speaks with such passion and enthusiasm.  He had so many messages that brought chills to my body because he touched on so many of the thoughts that I have been thinking about, especially most recently.

The first thing he had everyone repeat was:

       "I am no greater than the thoughts I think!"

I've heard this message many times but every time I hear it again and say it to myself, I have a deeper understanding of what this really means.  
I am creating my life with the thoughts that I think.  First... before anything else...comes the thought.  The idea.  Thought is literally the beginning of creation.  We all do this.  Sometimes we're conscious of it, sometimes not.

He went on to explain that we have our "ideal self" and our "real self." The ideal self is the one we try to get everyone to think we are but it's really just our representative.  For some, there may be a huge discrepancy between the two.  You may be smiling on the outside but feel miserable on the inside.  You have the power to change that! Through practice and personal development, 

"you can close the distance 
between your real self and your ideal self 
so you can live in your real life 
according to your ideals 
without conflict." 
~Bishop T.D. Jakes

I love this!  Imagine how much happier everyone would be if they were more themselves!  

The biggest idea I came away with though, is this:  

Statistics say that we're busier 
than any other generation 
has been in the last 300-400 years, 
but scientists have discovered that 
80% of the things we do 
are busy things we do in an area 
that's not effective!!!!!!!!!


Please read that one again and let it soak in for a moment.

Okay.  Are you back?  Have you ever felt this?  Have you ever sat through a long, depressing work meeting or filled out yet another form or created yet another form that others would have to fill out?  Or maybe you've watched another mindless tv show marathon, or farted around for hours on facebook or twitter or playing games on your phone?  Or maybe you spent way too much time being a perfectionist, or being a couch potato, or a procrastinator, or a jump-the-gunner, or went through and did some other rig-a-ma-roll something or other, horse and pony show and thought well, that sure was a waste of my time!?!  

We tend to say:  Life is too busy!  There's not enough time in the day!  I wish I had more time!  How in the world can I get everything done that I need to get done?  I don't have time to be creative!  I don't have time to exercise!  I don't have time to have fun!  I need to work hard to make ends meet!   We must have another staff meeting, another conference call, work more, lots of kid's activities, more work, blah, blah, phone calls, emails, busyness, blah, blah, forms, must make more forms, busyness, more, more, more to do, clean house, must do more, sparkling, sanitized house....  


I know some of these things are necessary in life.  Maybe not the mindless tv show marathon, but well, maybe!  :)  This is where the other 20% comes in.  The point is, doing too much of any of that sucks our time away and keeps us from getting to do the things that we are gifted in and passionate about.

What if we started to value our time more?  What if we really started to realize that we are here now, but tomorrow?  Maybe not.  We really don't know.  So what if we started to make each moment count?

What would happen 
if we started spending 80% of our time 
doing things that we were excited about
that felt fun and creative
that were thrilling and exhilarating 
and loving and giving 
and what we were actually born to do... 

And just 20% of our time doing those things that we have to do?

Would people feel happier?  Would we get more done?  Would we be able to change our selves, our lives, and our world for the better? Would we achieve our dreams and help others do the same?  Would we leave a greater earth for future generations and greater people for the earth to continue to thrive?

I know what I think!

Where do you fall in this 80/20?  Have you checked your schedule recently?  Do you get the feeling you need a little more fun, a little more excitement, a little more creative time in your life? (or maybe a lot more?) I firmly believe that when we take the time to do things that refresh our spirit, nurture our strengths, ease our fears, and inspire our beings, that we can give back in a much more EFFECTIVE way to our jobs, our families, our friends, the Universe, etc.  

Value yourself.  Value your time.  Allow yourself to be your best self and you're also allowing the Universe (which to me, means everything that is including people, animals, nature... everything!) to receive the benefits of your best self!  Let go of the clutter, let go of the busyness and embrace effectiveness over busyness!

Love to you!


Are you inspired?  Do you want more?  :)

Watch this 3 minute video for my thoughts on action steps you can take right now to start making the 80/20 shift!

If you like this stuff, and know others that do too, please share!  Thanks!  :)