Monday, August 6, 2012

Being a Champion

     Amazing things have been happening recently!  Have you been watching The Olympics?  How exciting!  World Records have been broken and bodies have been pushed past limitations.  I sit there and watch in wonder at these amazing athletes and think, "Wow!  I could never do that!"  Lol!  I know, I know, it sounds pessimistic, but really, there's no way!  You really have to make a commitment and dedicate to your sport and nothing ever really grabbed me like that.  Sure I had dreams of doing tricks on the uneven bars or completing a fabulous floor routine when I was a little girl.  They made it look so easy!  So graceful!  So cool!  I used to wish that I was better at gymnastics, or volleyball, or the high jump, or something, but I was just okay at most things.

I just love gymnastics, don't you?

     I was an A student until high school, then I was a B student.  My grades weren't always a reflection of what I knew or what I was learning, rather a reflection of what I was interested in and talented in naturally.  In college, it was pretty much the same.  I did great in my teaching classes but unfortunately had to take PSC 105 (Intro to Government) twice.  Oops!  I guess that means I'm not very political.  I guess I could've tried to work harder but I felt like I was doing my best.  Juggling my time with classes and studying, working, and my busy social life was enough for me.  I was enjoying my life and didn't have any regrets that I didn't have that one special thing that I was really good at, a winner, a champion.

     I did start to wonder if there was anything that I was good at, I mean really really good, like award winning good.  I noticed that many people were very competitive and being the "best" at something seems to get a lot of people's attention, but I'm not very competitive at most things.  Some may label this as not having passion or drive or whatever, but for me, I'd rather have fun playing and doing rather than worrying about trying to beat everyone.  (Yes, I'm one of those.)   It's probably because when I'm trying something new, or even when I'm just doing something that I'm only mediocre, I don't need that added extra pressure.  It's not enjoyable to me to try to learn to get better at something while in the back of my mind thinking, I must beat someone at this!  I appreciate that other people have this drive, this competitiveness, but what if I just want to have fun?  What if I just want to do something because I like it and I don't even care if I'm super good at it or I win?

     When I became a teacher, I decided that was my niche.  I was going to be the best teacher!  I worked hard, did everything I could to be organized, created engaging lessons, encouraged and motivated my students, and loved them like they were my own.  But like most teachers, I didn't get any awards.  Sure I got lots of love notes from my students and even some parents wrote me letters of appreciation (which honestly is even better than winning an award and I still have many of them in a box in my closet!), but I never won teacher of the year or anything like that.

It would've been cool though!  :)

     I guess you could say I'm pretty mediocre at almost everything!  I don't have any awards.  (Except for maybe one in art and oh, ya, one in writing from high school... or was it junior high?)  I don't have any trophies.  (Although I did have a bowling trophy or two from 4th/5th grade)   I don't have any medals.  (Well, I do have a medal from my half marathon last fall, but everyone got one, so does it count?)  I could sit here and feel bad about myself, and act like I suck, and whine about how I didn't win this or that, and pretend I'm not good enough.  But what good would that do me?

     I know that hands down, I'm the best Kristie Ignash that I can possibly be!  That means that some days I am like Superwoman and I do five hundred things before noon and there might not be a single shred of evidence to prove it!  Hahaha!  My house might not look any cleaner, my kids might still look the same, and even I might look all disheveled and out of order!  Some days I can't keep up with it all and just need to take a break, refocus, and refresh.  That's usually when I go outside and clean the garage or trim the hedges or work on my website.  For me, doing something different, like working on a new project is refreshing!  My daughters and I play and laugh and read and dance and create and clean up and start all over again.  No trophy for all of that, but the spontaneous, "I Love You Mommy!" and "You're the Best Mom Ever!" and "I'm so glad God picked you to be my Mom!" are better than any trophy I could ever receive!  Sometimes one person's "mediocre" is another person's "livin' the dream!"  Maybe I'm really really good at something after all!

The best reward I could ever receive!

     I love that The Olympics are a time for the world to join together and celebrate in the victories of our countries.  I love that we get to watch the power, grace, determination, and focus of the men and women competing, as well as their coaches and families.  I love that children and adults watching will be inspired to work toward making their dreams come true!  I also love that this is an opportunity for all of us to ask ourselves, are we bringing our best to our lives everyday?  Do we push ourselves to learn, grow, and develop?  Do we have fun, work hard, play hard?  Or do we hold back, afraid we won't be good enough, afraid to try for fear of not being enough?  We might not all be made to be Olympians or award winners or considered the "best" in what we do, but we always have the opportunity to be our best selves.  Take advantage of every moment, every day, to be your best, whatever that means and you can be a champion too.  A champion of your life!

Happy Monday!  Make today a great day!

Love to You!


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I'm so excited!!!