Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Randoms

Lots of things are happening these days.  I'm having a hard time focusing on anything for too long at the moment, so here are some randoms!

Yesterday we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday.  My mom turned 60 on August 1st.  (and yes, after all these years, my dad still teases her for being an "older woman" even if it's only 11 days!)  This is crazy because I still think of my parents as being forever in their 30's.  Since 39 is creeping around the corner for me, I guess I can't be older than my parents!  How did this happen?  When did we all get so old?  :)

Happy Birthday Dad!

Two weeks from today I'll be anxiously awaiting the end of the long, long school day so I can see Allison and find out all about her first day of kindergarten.  I know I'll be emotional but I also know she's ready.  So am I.  I'm so proud of her!  This will be good for her.  It will be good for me.  It's just that the last five years went by so fast.  How did the time go so fast?

I thought I had the perfect location picked out for my new class for women, "Living Your Life Inspired!"  Unfortunately, it's not going to work out there and I'm back to square one on location.  I'm trying not to be too disappointed because I know that this means a better place is out there, but I was really looking forward to checking some more things off my TO DO list!  Oh well, time to find a new location.

My sister-in-law, Sharon, makes these awesome cupcakes.  They're so moist they melt in your mouth.  She stuffs them with some yummy creamy awesomeness and then tops them with perfection!  I seriously need to start working out more because it's too hard to say no to her cupcakes!
Check her out:

There are dishes that need to be done and closets to clean and laundry to do and yard work to do and general cleaning and organizing to do and I don't feel like doing any of it!  I know it will be waiting for me when I get around to it later...or tomorrow!  Some days are just like that.

I really like sitting at my desk, working on my computer, in my home with all my fun office stuff!  I'm so glad I finally set up my work space and I'm so glad I finally have space for my work space!  I love that I can be working and my kids can be in the kitchen doing an art project and I'm still with them.  I love that Peanut curls up by my feet and naps.  Lots to be grateful for...

My friend, Tracie, just wrapped up her first fine art show.  I'm so proud of her and all that she's done to take her business to the next level.  Not to mention, she is an incredible artist!  Her paintings are so vivid and detailed.  She does originals as well as prints:

It's Monday so that means it's hot yoga night!  If you haven't tried a hot yoga class (or Bikram which is the original hot yoga) you have got to try it!  Maybe the hot part isn't your thing, but I love a good sweat!  And believe me, you will sweat!  It's so good for releasing the toxins in your body.  I love the strength and focus of the poses and I leave there feeling like a million bucks!  This is one of the reasons why I love Mondays!

Times up!  Sabrina's awake!  Why does everyone else's baby sleep for 3 hours and I'm lucky if mine sleeps for an hour and a half?  I know, I know.  Enjoy this time, for it too shall pass.  Didn't somebody just say something about five years going by so fast?

I was just starting to miss her anyway!  :)

Love to you!