Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things My Kids Teach Me

I've been thinking of ways to reach out to you more often, so I've decided to do some shorter posts, more frequently.  There's so much I want to say and so much I want to share with you and since I often have short bursts of time, I want to make great use of them!  ;)

I've been wanting to tell you more about how much I love being a mom and how much it has enriched my life.  Being with my daughters has helped me to grasp the importance of being present and enjoying the life I have.  I had heard of living in "the now" before I had my girls but I didn't fully embrace it until I had Allison.  All I wanted to do was hold her and kiss her and love her.  It was amazing!  Now that I have two daughters, I'm often struck with the profound life lessons that having their perspective brings to my life.  Sometimes it's heart melting sweet, sometimes it's hilarious, and sometimes it's so powerful, I  just have to pause and thank God that I get to be a part of their lives!

My babies...growing up so fast!

Look for new posts about the awesomeness of being a mom and what I learn from my little darlings!

Here is the first post:

Things My Kids Teach Me: Sabrina January 24th

Every day we get to walk to school to pick up Allison.  It's something Sabrina and I really love to do.  Most days, it's sunny and the sky is an amazing shade of blue.  On this particular day, Sabrina had just woken up from a nap and we were running a little late.  I like to use my jog stroller anyway so I just jogged down the street until we got to the corner.  There was a lot of school traffic and the road was pretty busy.

Sabrina waved to the crossing guard as we approached the driveway, just like she always does.  He usually smiles and waves back...they have this little thing going!  But today the crossing guard was especially busy.   She waved again.  He was directing cars and people and barely paused to look at us as he ushered us along. She waved some more and could not get his attention.  He was just too busy waving his hands and holding his sign and blowing his whistle to say hi today.

She tried one more time.  No luck.  Finally, it hit her and she realized he wasn't going to wave back.  That was just too much for her sweet little heart to bear!  She burst into tears.  And I don't mean tiny little droplet tears.  I mean the sobbing, something horrible just happened, I can't catch my breath kind of tears.  I had to take her out of her stroller and hug her for awhile.  She was so upset!

I knew that she looked forward to waving to him everyday, but I never knew how much his wave meant to her!  It was so touching, her sweet kindness reaching out to him, trying to make a connection.  It made me realize something that I guess I've always known:

Such a simple thing, yet so meaningful!  Let this be a reminder to us all.  Each one of us is a very important piece of the life puzzle.  Your life matters!  What you say and do matters!  When you go out in the world, connect with others, share a smile, be kind!  It will make you feel good and you never know how much it means to someone else!

Love to You!