Tuesday, February 12, 2013

30 Day BE. Inspired Video Challenge Day 4!!

Welcome to Day 4, or Chapter 4, as Allison would say!  I hope you're having a great day and if you're not, this video may be able to help you!!  :)

Today I'm talking about your inner voice.  You know that voice you hear when you're going through your day that kind of takes everything in and either consciously or unconsciously starts making judgments and decisions about you, your life, and your life circumstances?  Ya, that one.

What do you say about yourself to yourself?  What do you say about your life?  About life in general?  Are you aware of that voice?  Are you kind to yourself?

I believe that one of the most powerful strategies in achieving your dreams and goals is learning to become conscious of your own inner voice.  If you learn to use that voice for the greater good, amazing things will happen!  When you tell yourself good things about yourself and your life, you feel empowered, connected to your truth, the higher part of you.  When you put yourself down and tell yourself life is hopeless, you feel hopeless and your life circumstances will reflect that.

Enjoy this video about becoming conscious of your inner voice and let me know what you think!!

I seriously love all these stills of my facial expressions, don't you???  Sooooo flattering!!!  LOL!!  :)

Love to You!