Saturday, February 9, 2013

30 Day BE. Inspired Video Challenge!!!

Happy Saturday! How are you?

So maybe you remember or maybe you don't, but I did my first video blog back in July.  I threw it in at the end of a post (maybe I hid it a little?) and I never made another one again.  I always had reasons of course.

I wanted to wait til I got a haircut, then I wanted to wait for my hair to grow out, then I wanted to wait until Allison started school, then I wanted to wait until we were used to Allison being in get the picture!  I was putting it off!  I kept waiting for the perfect moment.

I have to say, my life was pretty full.  I am busy.  Those were reasons...but the main (real) reason was I was nervous about putting myself out there and really getting in front of other people.  It's funny to me because I'm a teacher (always in front of other people), a consultant (again, in front of people), and a coach (kind of in front of people, but not always!).  But this is different.

Just like when I put a post out there.  Unless people comment or send me an email, I have no idea how they're relating to the content.  It's hard for me to tell if people are connecting to the messages without the feedback.  That can be scary at times!  But this is what I had to remember about my writing and now about this video challenge, it doesn't matter!

I have to do this for me!  I have to do this because it is in me, SCREAMING to be born!!!!  I'm ready!

I am being my best me when I am rising to these challenges and just DOING IT ALREADY!!!!!!

So why now?

Well, lots of awesome things have happened recently.  I'll be telling you more about them in upcoming videos!  Momentum has been building and there is no doubt in my mind the time is now!  I love writing and want to continue to learn and grow as a writer.  But I am a talker, a speaker, a teacher.  I am talking about this kind of stuff all the time with my friends, family, clients, and self!  :)  I am passionate about helping people take steps and making their dreams come true and this is the quickest and easiest way to make a more personal connection with people.  A video will take me about a half hour (hopefully shorter as I get better!) to make, upload, add a couple edits, and share!  A blog post can take hours depending on the post.

Like I said, it's been on my mind for a long time, but recently I came across two ladies through social media that have inspired me to get going now!  I truly believe this is God's way (Spirit, The Universe) of putting the right people at the right time in front of my face so I can get going on what needs to be done!!

First, I found a lady named Colin DeBre' on Pinterest.  She's also on facebook and twitter.  She helps people build their home based businesses and has some great messages to share.  She is currently about halfway through her own 30 day video challenge.  She's so authentic and personable.  I sent her a quick message and she wrote back, encouraging me and telling me to let her know when I post!  Eeek!!  So now I'm commited!!!!  Hahaha!  So I want to give her props for giving me that extra inspiration/motivation to get going on this!  Thanks so much Colin!  :)

The second, is a lady named Kiana Hanna, a fitness coach on facebook.  I like that she is committed to her own health and fitness and that she connects with her followers through encouraging posts about the reality of making things happen in your life.  She's a mom of two and you can see her kids in her videos.  I like that.  When you're a mom, you don't always get to go to the gym, by yourself, and spend three hours working out and sitting in the hot tub...though it's awesome when you can make that happen!  :)  She's real and that's cool!  Thanks Kiana Hanna!

Okay, so here it is, DAY ONE, in all it's perfectly imperfect glory!!!!  I hope this gets you thinking about what kind of 30 day challenge you want to get started on yourself!!!   :)

Love to You!