Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 10 of my 30 Day BE. Inspired Video Challenge!

I love days like today.  We spent a good part of the day outside having fun as a family.  We laughed together.  We listened to each other.  We saw some new things.  We fooled around.  It was just about perfect!

It reminds me of a special teacher that came my way about 6 months ago.  I was feeling a little anxious after following some new business people online who have a very aggressive, work your butt off, work hard all day long, don't stop mentally.  I had been wanting to start getting my business head going again and almost as soon as I dipped my toe in, I jumped back out.  I had worked so hard on changing that workaholic/perfectionist part of myself so I was immediately triggered by this perspective.  I didn't want to start thinking that if I was going to be successful in business I was going to have to be working super hard all the time non-stop and wouldn't be able to take time for fun, laughing, playing, and just being anymore.  

I stopped following those people and looked for people more like me.  The me that takes time to love my life.  The me that wants to enjoy my kids everyday and let go of things that don't matter.  I was so grateful to find Rachel Macy Stafford, the Hands Free Mama!!  She is an amazing writer with such a beautiful way of expressing herself.  I instantly connected to her message!  Let go of daily distraction and enjoy what truly matters in life!  Perfect!  I feel like she was just the teacher I needed to help me stay connected to my own message of being your best self and creating a life you love!

Please check her out at and on www.facebook/TheHandsFreeRevolution.

Enjoy Video 10, it's a shortie!

Love to You!