Sunday, March 24, 2013

30 Day BE. Inspired Exercise Challenge!

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm busy working on the 30 Day Exercise Challenge and I'm getting so excited!  WooHoo!!  Have you signed up yet?  I added a new page to the website to make it easier for people to find it and sign up!   I'll be making a new video post tomorrow but today I just wanted to share this post about the challenge, just in case you missed it!

You can also find the following post on the 30 Day BE. Inspired Exercise Challenge page:

If you're anything like me, you want to make your health a priority but with busy schedules, families to take care of, work to be done, and households to keep up, it's not always easy to do!  Wouldn't it be easier to exercise regularly if you had daily support?  What if somebody was there to give you inspiration and motivation everyday?  What if you had help with accountability in a positive and exciting way?  Wouldn't it be easier to do it if it was FUN?

If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place!  The 30 Day BE. Inspired Exercise Challenge will begin on April 1st and I would LOVE if you would join the team!!!

So what is the 30 Day BE. Inspired Exercise Challenge?

1. Everyday for 30 days you will exercise for at least 20 minutes doing an activity of your choice.  (I will give you ideas on what you can do, but it will all be your choice!)

2. Everyday for 30 days you will "check in" on my Facebook  BE. Inspired Coaching page once your workout is complete.  You can write: Check!  Done!  Did it!  I ran today!  ...whatever you feel comfortable with!  (If you aren't on Facebook, you can still participate through email check in, though you will be missing the team/community interaction that goes along with the public posts.)

3. Everyday for 30 days you will receive positive messages of  inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and enrichment!  I will provide you with guidance in exercise, health, and overall well being through my own personal experiences as well as citing expert sources.  I will encourage the team to be interactive and supportive of one another through posts, so you will be receiving live assistance every day!!

4. Each week you will receive a video from me with stories, tips, and tools that have helped to make it easier to incorporate healthy living and exercise into my life.

5. Join with a friend or friends, and each of you will be entered into the prize drawing!  The prize will vary depending on the number of participants.  For at least 25 people, there will be a $25 prize drawing,  50 people, $50, and 100 people (which is my goal!) I will give away $100!!!

My goal is to help as many people as possible start to live a healthier life NOW!!!  I know it's a challenge to exercise regularly on your own, to find the strength to keep going...I want to help you with that!  I want you to feel good about yourself!  I want to help you do your best!  I want you to feel good about your life!  I want you to have more energy and feel comfortable in your own body!  I want you to feel strong and EMPOWERED!!!

KNOW you can do it and if we do it TOGETHER, you will have the support and guidance you need to keep going when things get tough!!

The investment is small, just $15 for the entire challenge!  That's just 50 cents a day!  $3.50 a week!  Less than the cost of a gallon of gas!  Less than the cost of a Starbucks premium coffee!  Less than a drink at a restaurant or bar!  What a small price to pay for a HUGE investment in your life and your health!!

How do I sign up?
There are two ways to sign up: click on the 30 Day BE. Inspired Exercise Challenge "Add to Bag" button on the sidebar of this blog or click here to go to my Facebook BE. Inspired Coaching page, click on the blue "shop" button, and find "30 Day BE. Inspired Exercise Challenge".  Simply click to sign up!  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help!

You will receive an email within 24 hours that confirms your entry into the challenge.  I will email you at the address that's listed with your payment.  If this isn't the email you want to receive your daily messages and video clips, please email me at  Thanks!

Also, if you sign up with a friend or friends, remember to email me at so I can enter you all in the PRIZE DRAWING!!!

If you've been wanting to do this on your own anyway, today is the day to take that step!  Don't wait anymore!!!  Sign up with someone who truly cares about your success and see what you can really do!!!  I look forward to having you join the team and working with you on this challenge!!

Love to You!

Here is the video where I explain the 30 day Exercise Challenge!