Monday, March 25, 2013

REFLECTION...a special post!!

These days, I feel like my heart has been burst open wide!  My eyes are noticing things like never before, and messages are coming to me from ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  Today started with a few small things and then I read this post from one of my bestest friends ever, Kim!  WOW!!  She has this amazing blog called Design Thoughts where you can find beautiful ideas for creating the perfect home, hints and tips about DIY projects, AND ways to be a thoughtful and PRESENT parent, wife, and woman!  Kim takes you on a journey through her passion with design and also tells her story of creating the life of her dreams!  

Today's post was a beautiful reflection of pieces of her life.  It struck me so much because I also have been reflective the last couple of days.  I believe it's such an important piece of creating and manifesting.  When you take the time to see how far you've come, you realize your own strength and personal power.  You realize that you have made it through so many challenges!  You also realize just how short life is, and how fast it goes...and why it's so important to make the most of today!  Right NOW!  :)

So check out this post!  I know you're gonna love it!

Just take that leap! NYC..what I learned

As I was sitting at my job the other day, listening to David Gray,
I was taken back so quickly, 
to the days of working in New York City...

Our first time in Soho..Spring of '05

I was 29, and we had moved one year before, from our home in Michigan. 
I remember being so sad the first year I was in NY. I wasn't working in the city, 
I was in Westchester. I missed my friends, and my home
 ( we went from being home owners, to landlords and renters in one quick move)
and my family seemed so far away, they felt untouchable.
I was SURE we made a mistake! 
Although we were proud of ourselves for "Following our dreams" 
and "taking a leap of faith"  it wasn't feeling so dreamy. 
Then, I started working in the city, I felt alive!! I was surrounded by new sounds, 
and sights, and the hustle bustle of people everywhere. 
I began to LOVE my walk to work each morning, seeing cutting edge fashion , 
and personal style that just oozes out of every doorway. 
Watching the city transform each season from beautiful flowers and flowing skirts, 
to bare trees and bulky sweaters.

 I remember the first day I walked out of the beautiful showroom
I was working at, across from Gramercy Tavern, 
and the T.V Show "The Soprano's" was being filmed on our street. 
I remember noticing how the true New Yorkers, really didn't give it
much thought, it seemed they all had very important places to
( I became THAT person only 2 short years later) 
Then in one day, I met Natalie Portman, AND...

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Love to You!