Saturday, April 29, 2017

Inspired by Ease and Enough

Hello Friends!  It's been a while!  How are you?  I've been doing a little of this and a little bit of that and the next thing I knew, almost another year had already flown by!  So cliche', but how does it all go by so fast?!

Did you know this blog is coming up on it's 6th birthday?  I can't believe it!  So much has happened in six years.  In some ways, I can access the exact feeling of  awesomeness I felt when I first started writing.  How exciting it was and how hopeful I was about expressing myself in this way.  It feels like just a few months ago.

From another perspective, I've been up and down the long side of the mountain.  Through the fire, fear, wind, and storms.  Through some of my darkest times and through some of the most amazing blissful times of life perfection, that it makes me cry!  God, how absolutely beautiful life can be! That makes it feel like at least 10 years worth of stuff, rather than six!  The last six years have been a learning experience for sure and it has taken lots of energy to be where I am today.  So much energy, that I was tired for a long time, and now, after lots of intentional work, my energy flow is coming back. I'm feeling like a new and improved me!  And now, I'm ready to write again! Yay!

This week I've been really intentional about allowing more ease into my life.  I must note, because I want to be really open with you, there were still things that were hard, things that didn't go right, and things I wish I would've handled differently.  BUT, because I was focused on EASE, it made all of those things easier to go through.  And I'm so inspired!

I have been working on growing my coaching business and I've been meditating more.  Whenever I do my "work" I have to be really intentional about keeping my left brain, analytic, perfection seeking, manic boss lady in good balance with my right brain, dreamy creative, happy go lucky, free spirit, dancing warrior self!  Haha!  Either side getting too much attention usually leads me into a space where I'm feeling off.  Either not getting enough done, or feeling too drained, or too serious, or too wishy washy, or too unfocused, or too guarded, or too burdened, or too overwhelmed, or too... well, you get the picture!  

What I really want is ENOUGH.  Enough Freedom. Enough Energy.  Enough Focus. Enough Peace.  Enough Love. Enough Intention. Enough Rest. Enough Purpose. Enough Flow.  Enough Movement.  Enough Inspiration. Enough Joy. Enough Food.  Enough Treats.  Enough God.  Enough Alignment. Enough Work. Enough Play. Enough Laughs.  Enough Silliness. Enough Gentleness. Enough Strength.  Enough Bad-Assery.  Enough.  Just Enough.

In my experience, more isn't always better. Sometimes more is just... more.  I don't want more, just for the sake of more.  I want QUALITY of Life.  I'm practicing living The Art of Enough and learning what this means for me, which so far feels wonderful, but I realize how often I want to turn to more and how much our culture promotes it.

This is why I've been turning to my Spirit and Energy practices like meditation, prayer, Reiki, EFT/Tapping, ritual, and energy clearing.  I need God in my life at all times and these practices help me stay tuned in and aligned.  Without these practices, I feel anxious and lost, so it's imperative that they are a rich part of my life which is why I need to carve out time to practice them daily.  If you don't carve out the time, you don't get it done!  I've also decided to teach these practices to others.  When I'm clear, it's much easier for me to go with the flow AND get the right things done at the right time!

If you want to do great things in your life AND you want to enjoy it too, you have to prioritize and understand that not everything is important at the same time.  We tend to give a lot of attention to things that are not that important instead of focusing on our main priorities and staying aligned with them.  This zaps up a LOT of our precious energy and when we learn to practice energy raising activities and exercises and let go of the things that drain us, we feel SO MUCH better!

One of the things that drains us is arguing with ourselves about getting stuff done.  Do you ever do this?  The longer we drag our feet, procrastinate, create a story in our minds about why it's unfair that we have to do what we have to do, or how somebody has it better/easier than us, or how what we have to do sucks and we don't like it, or how we know that we must do this in order to live a life we really love, but it seems too hard and scary and vulnerable and personal to just do it, and and on and on!  We're just creating a bigger resistance within ourselves that gets harder and harder to penetrate with each resistant thought!

What if you stopped arguing, let all those resistant thoughts go and just DO the things you know you must do?  Shut the mouth in your head and just do it!  Lol!  Take the plunge!  Dive In!  Go For It!

Get those dishes done!  Write that paper!  Get up early and exercise!  Call your Mom!  Apologize! Go back to school!  Apply for that job!  Go to that workshop!  Buy it!  Let it Go!  Break up!  Make up! Begin the tough conversation!  Forgive!  Start that business!  Put yourself out there!  Make that video!  Say Yes!  Say No!  Go for that Dream!  Accept that offer!  Be the Co-Creator that you were meant to be and let yourself live a Freakin Amazing Life!!!!

It's all up to you to Just Do It and BE It!!!  And Always Remember:

Until later...

Love to You!

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