Thursday, October 4, 2012

Been Thinking Too Much...

So the last couple weeks have felt very heavy to me.  I finally had to sit with it for awhile 
and think about why I was feeling this way.  So many things are happening all around me. 

There's been lots of changes.  Allison transitioning into kindergarten 
has meant a transition for the whole family.  

It seems so ordinary because almost everyone goes through it, but if you pick it apart, 
there are so many changes!  A new schedule, changes in our sleeping, our eating, 
our interaction time, our down time, our shopping, our just about everything!  

Not to mention, the new attitude, the new behaviors, the new tests of my parenting!  Whew!  
I need a glass of wine just thinking about it!  :)  But everyone goes through it, right?  
So I just keep doing my best and moving right along.

Then there's the big election that's coming up.  I AM NOT political.  However, 
I want to be informed.  I want to be educated.  I want to stay in touch with what's going on 
in my country and I want to use my voice as an American and a woman to stand up 
for what I believe in.  So I've allowed a lot more time for articles, 
and tv time, and things that are helping me to be informed.  

Since I've exposed myself to this bombarding of so many negative messages, 
I've felt a little disconnected from the light.  And the truth.

I've never been able to see in black and white.  
To me, it's always a shade of gray. (or is it grey?  :)  
I actually prefer to see things in rainbow colors.  Makes more sense to me that 
things fall somewhere along the spectrum.  My brain can't rest in trying to believe that 
there's only one "right" way of doing and being.  It's just not true.  

There's exceptions to almost all of it because so much of it is opinion and perspective.  

My dream is that we could all start to focus on how we're connected, 
how we're the same, and the common goals we all share.  
Even if you're a die hard lefty or righty, could we give up trying to prove 
to the other how much they're wrong and how much we're right?  
Don't we have a common core that we could all focus on?

Oh, and have you heard of GMO's?  
I can't even get started on this one because it gets me so... so.... 
disturbed?  disgusted?  frustrated?  So many emotions!  
Isn't this what government is for?  
To protect it's people?

All this heaviness, all this seriousness, 
is starting to feel like too much burden.  

If I'm feeling this way, I know others must be too!  
Are you feeling this way?  

Being educated, being informed, and being called to take action is one thing.  
Feeling anxiety, worry, overwhelm, and fear is when you know 
you've shifted away from the truth.  

So it's time to lighten up!  

Take a break!  Have some fun!  Have a drink!  Blow something off!  

Do something spontaneous!  Or crazy!  Or both!!!  

Call an old friend!  Take a dance class!  Take an art class!  

Go buy a new book!  Try on some new clothes!  

Go for a walk!  Ride your bike!  Do some YOGA!!!  

Laugh with friends!  Enjoy your family!  Go for a drive!  Go to the beach!  

Sit in the park.  Listen to the sound of life all around you!

Let go of the clutter!  Connect to the stillness.  Trust in yourself!  Trust in mankind.

Restore your faith.  Remember your truth.  Allow peace to envelope you.

~HDR Photography of Doyle Lake, Midforest Lodge - Michigan

Let it all FALL AWAY!!!!!!  Isn't that what fall is for?  
To shed the exterior, get to the core, and prepare for new life?

Ahhhh.....I'm feeling better already!

Love to You!


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